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A Saturday Morning to Change the World

Last week Siyakhula hosted a workshop facilitated by the Resolve Group who led a group of Grade 12 learners (selected from those who attend our Supplementary Tutoring Programme) through ‘An Introduction to the Workplace’ workshop. Topics included: workplace etiquette; job-seeking suggestions; c.v. tips; telephone skills; interview techniques; and basic business manners and expectations. The sessions were lively, dynamic, energetic and characterised by the enthusiastic and active engagement of the learners. It was great to allow oneself to be moved by the infectious desire of young people to learn and to view the world and the future as one brimming with possibility.

Its difficult however not to feel burdened by the reality that the majority of these kids will be desperately underprepared and under-educated when they leave school. In fact, it is difficult not to feel overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the schooling crisis – and it is a crisis! How can we make real the conviction that “how things are is not how things have to be”? Could we do worse than tapping into the idealism of these young people and allow a forward-looking worldview to shape our response?

For me, our response begins on a Saturday morning. Why don’t you join us between 10:00 and 11:30 at siyakhula and meet the kids? Maths and Science skills would be particularly beneficial but we are not Maths and Science machines and there are many other ways to connect with each other in growing our world and helping mend this universe.

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