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OLICO’s got Talent!

On 13 September 2014 the OLICO Youth learners showcased their many talents at OLICO’s got Talent. While OLICO Youth’s focus is primarily Mathematics and literacy, we believe that creative expression is important for our learners’ personal and interpersonal development. 

BBRehearsals were held on a number of preceding Saturdays and were facilitated by applied theatre facilitator Alexander Higgins, where learners put together choirs, soundscapes, dances, dramatic acts, poetry and songs.



In preparation for the event an advertising session was held by artist Gemma Garman, where learners made posters, flyers, and decorations.

SAM_1467 The event was well attended by family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed by all, illustrating that OLICO truly does have talent!

F We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Alexander Higgins and Gemma Garman for their help in preparation for the event, and Sumaya Ismail, Thirusha Raja and Lerusha Reddy for their help on the day.


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