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National Benchmark Tests (NBTs) – Free Practice


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After more than a year’s development, OLICO is thrilled to publish a free and extensive resource for SA learners writing the university National Benchmark Tests.

Our NBT preparation WORKBOOK and ONLINE PRACTICE is FREE to access on our maths site: This project is designed to assist learners preparing for the MAT Test.

The NBTs are written by matrics and used by universities in various ways with some using them as additional entrance requirements and others using them to identify the required extended support services for new students. While the MAT Test questions are on similar topic areas to the school curriculum, the way the questions are asked prioritises a problem-solving and sense-making approach to mathematics which adds a level of complexity not often experienced by learners. Learners who are inclined towards a “procedure-heavy” or “rote-learning” understanding of mathematics will find the NBTs a real challenge.

Until now, NBT preparation has only been available as a paid service. It is hoped that this contribution to the commons will benefit learners across the schooling system and reduce barriers, in particular, for learners from disadvantaged communities. This NBT content has been extensively peer-reviewed and we’re confident it is a top-quality offering.

Ultimately, the best way to adequately prepare for the MAT NBT is to start in Grade 10 with a dedicated problem-solving approach to mathematics. To this extent, the first section of the freely downloadable workbook is broken into topic and grade-level areas. We hope this will be useful for both teachers and tutors in working with their learners. The second section contains two full mock NBT MAT papers to provide learners with an idea of the kind of questions asked in these tests.

Finally, we’re extremely grateful to IkamvaYouth SA and the Learning Trust for their contributions in making this a reality.

Good luck to all the learners writing NBTs in the upcoming month. We trust you will find this extremely useful.

Onwards and upwards.

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