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Gauteng Offline

Gautengonline is an ambitious and sorely needed programme run by the Gauteng Department of Education to equip every school in the province with a 25-station computer lab. The problem is that simply installing computers and IT-infrastructure does not automatically translate into effective and meaningful lessons for school learners.

Notwithstanding the paralysing bureaucracy that accompanies this project there is also inadequate teacher training, support and assistance with incorporating this technology into the teaching curriculum – expecially given that most teachers in our poorer schools are themselves computer illiterate. All we’re left with is an expensive outlay for non-existant outcomes and continued complaints about being under-resourced.

This computer lab in the photo above has been installed for over a year and there is yet to be a lesson conducted for learners. Similarly, on a visit to a nearby primary school, the computer lab was opened for the first time that week to show me around.

Should we be marching or something?

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